What is About:Blank Live?




About:Blank Live focuses on the ever expanding world of AI and how advances in this technology are infiltrating every aspect of life. From life sciences to finance, cybersecurity and just everyday applications, Artificial Intelligence occupies a large part of the technological world we live in today. But do we know everything that goes on in creating an AI? What can be the issues in giving an artificial intelligence certain responsibilities like in the military field or like in the more famously known example of the autonomous car? We cannot talk about AI without mentioning data. How are our own data protected? To what extent do companies know about us through our use of various technologies? How to make sure that we are always thinking of the good in our applications of AI and Machine Learning? 


With each episode, we will bring some of the leading thinkers in technology together to discuss current themes and trends within the industry. With one eye on the technology and digital industry in Northern Ireland, About:Blank Live will also bring in speakers from across the globe.


We want to look at how this specialism has grown in Northern Ireland and how the industry has grown here. This series also explores the links between academia and its role in ensuring NI continues to establish itself as a destination for AI excellence.


Although our guests are professionals from the technology and digital industry, this podcast is meant for everyone with an interest or even just a sense of curiosity towards technology and innovation, no matter your background or your level of expertise in the matter. By the sole fact of possessing a smartphone or a computer, you are in contact with AI, data and Machine Learning, so why not learn more about it? 

You can listen to About:Blank Live on all popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

 This podcast is kindly supported by our friends at DailyPay, Queen’s University Belfast and our media partner SyncNI.

Our Host


Austin Tanney,
Head of Digital and Data Strategy at the Strategic Investment Board

Austin has spent the last 20 years working in the commercial sector in a range of companies from start-ups to multinational corporations with a focus on Life Science, Healthcare and Technology.

He is currently the facilitator of the Northern Ireland Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Network and the co-founder & organiser of the Artificial Intelligence NI community.

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