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NHS Covid Response Coronavirus Explained for Children
We created this animation in collaboration with Psychological Services team at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. As professionals and parents of young children, our aim was to provide a tool to help parents explain the events surrounding Coronavirus to their children. We approached the NHS about producing this video just before the first lockdown took hold in March 2020. This animation went truly viral and amassed over 100’000 views globally in just a few hours. It has since been viewed right across the world over 1’000’000 times and translated into multiple languages. We are so proud of this animation as it really hit the right tone at the right time, providing parents and children with accurate information, delivered in a way they could understand.
This animation received acclaim from the likes of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Chief Medical Officer for the WHO, the head of nursing for Barts Hospital to name but a few.

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